Betsy- Golden Girl Looking to Lounge

Despite Betsy having her whole life turned upside down at 12 years old, she’s already starting to come out of her shell. Betsy is a shining example of how amazingly resilient dogs can be. So far, she’s shown interest in playing with toys and she’ll let you know she’s ready for a (short) walk if she’s bored. Betsy has plenty of spunk left and continues to enjoy activities like swimming and walks, plus plenty of snuggles and kisses. When her foster parents are at work, Betsy gets the run of the house with her two senior doggy foster siblings. The PetCam shows they get up to some pretty intense napping!

Betsy, being a senior gal, is set in her ways. She would do best with other mellow seniors or as a single dog. She does not like the young wiper snappers getting up in her face. She will show them her dislike by showing her teeth and letting them know to back off.

We feel so lucky to have the opportunity to give this girl her second chance, and we know her perfect match is out there waiting!


Roxy- Patient? Loving? Pick Me!

Last fall Ms. Roxy joined our rescue and like many chihuahuas who are bounced all over, she was scared, confused, and acting out behaviorally. Her foster parents gave her space for a couple of days in a safe room with the opportunity to go outside for potty breaks. Roxy did great! When she first arrived, she was nervous, but curious. She spent half her time in the safe room, but would also peek outside into the home, run to her foster dad, and jump on his lap. The fosters decided to play it safe and let her call the shots. They gave her treats for good behavior and did not try petting her or picking her up when she first arrived. The more space they gave her, the more Roxy settled in and started to show her true colors.

Roxy has been adopted out twice and returned both times for different reasons. She started over again in a new foster home at the end of August. They gave her space, and just like the previous foster home, she came around very quickly. She is great in the car, LOVES to go for walks, and will play with other dogs in the home. While she barks at unfamiliar noises, Roxy is fairly quiet and keeps to herself more often than not. She loves to be snuggled in her crate with cozy blankets, and will put herself to bed fairly early – which is okay with her foster parents because she gets a little cranky past 9PM!

Due to her fear of strangers, we decided to get a behaviorist on board for Roxy. The behaviorist noticed some strong signs of body language that Roxy was giving off – telling her that Roxy was very uncomfortable with a stranger in her house. We were able to learn all about what Roxy is trying to tell us through her body language and in one week the difference has been amazing! The behaviorist gave Roxy’s foster family some tips and tricks to help Roxy become more comfortable with strangers. She is smart as a whip and will catch on very quickly to anything you are trying to teach her! The training she is working on will help set Roxy up for success and hopefully ensure that the next family to adopt Roxy will be her forever family. 

There is a lot to Roxy’s story. But we know it is important to share every aspect of her journey to help her find a home that will truly understand her needs. Roxy is sweet, and once trust and a relationship have been built, she is a loyal companion for life. She loves to keep people company in the kitchen, even if she doesn’t get table scraps. She has a full personality and once you see her true colors you cannot fall out of love with her. We know that there is someone out there with chihuahua experience who will be patient with Roxy as she settles into life and encourage her to show herself in her own time. For more information on Roxy please email 

Roxy has not been approved to go home with young children and will need someone with previous rescue or chihuahua experience.


Tatiana- Ms. Tati for Short

Hello, it's nice to meet you! My name is Tatiana and my foster moms in Texas and Wisconsin both said I'm a very special girl! I can be quite timid, and they realized that a normal transport would be extra scary for a girl like me. They were kind enough to arrange a special trip on an airplane where I could be with my foster mom the whole way! I'm so grateful because that means I now have a chance to find my perfect family in Wisconsin.

I'm somewhere around 2 to 3 years old, and my friends call me "Tati." I'm kennel trained and easily learned how to use a doggie door. I really love my foster mom and I'm at my happiest when it's just the two of us. When I was younger, a man kept me locked in a crate for months and months. Men still scare me when I first meet them, but I warmed up to my foster dad real quick! I might still woof when he comes in the house, but I let him pick me up and give me love once he’s inside. I also am scared someone might take my food, so I can be defensive of it and need to be fed alone in my crate. That's not so hard though, right? My foster homes have had plenty of dogs and I get along with them fine when there's no food involved.

I know I have a few quirks, but nobody's perfect! I have so much love to give if you open up your heart and home to me. We can meet up to talk over the details if you submit an application here



Jolene- Recent Empty Nester

You may have already seen a picture of this beautiful momma and her sweet pups who came to us from Tennessee. At Lucky 7, we are just as devoted to finding homes for mommas as we are for their adorable pups, so we are happy to announce that Jolene is looking for her forever!

This gorgeous girl is only two years old and ready to live a carefree life of frolicking in the grass and playing. As can be expected when your whole life has been turned upside-down, Jolene was very nervous when she first arrived in Wisconsin, her unique personality is already starting to shine through. She’s around 45 pounds and loves to play with her canine foster sister. As she’s gaining confidence, she’s becoming more active and is at about a medium energy level. She would do best with older humans in the home. She is skittish and needs her world to move slow when indoors. She has also learned that she can jump a four foot fence with ease and will need at least a six foot fence to keep her contained. Her history is largely unknown, but she likely spent most of her time outdoors, as she seems much more comfortable in a grassy backyard than on laminate floors inside. Despite being a little shy with humans, she is opening up and enjoys gentle pets and belly rubs. We’re certain that she will fully embrace the love and attention of a forever family quickly! This girl just needs someone to show her what the good life is like. To meet this sweet, shy, playful, and loving girl, apply here:


Rosa- Worth the Work - REALLY!

This is our girl Rosa. She is beautiful, exceptionally smart, loves belly rubs, and melts hearts with her sweet eyes. She is also a work in progress.

Rosa was originally adopted in early March and was returned at the end of July due to poor leash manners and behavioral concerns in public. Due to her size, these concerns were not able to be addressed by the previous family. Since then, we have focused on creating the best environment for Rosa to overcome her challenges and let her fantastic true personality shine through. An exceptional team of volunteers has been providing Rosa with constant encouragement and firm discipline and she has made amazing progress! So much progress that she is ready to begin the search for her forever home. It’s going to need to be someone very special.

Rosa arrived back to us with little confidence, lacking basic manners, and showing lunging and aggression toward other dogs when on leash. She has built her confidence through experiencing new things at her own pace. Using a prong collar, she walks well on a leash and allows strangers to approach her with little to no reaction. Her aggression toward other dogs when on leash needs continued work, but she is making excellent progress and is constantly learning. In a home environment, she has gotten along well with other dogs when in a carefully controlled setting. She has also done well with kids. She will need work on accepting strangers into her home as she tends to be overprotective.

Rosa’s adopter will need to understand all of this and be willing to work with our team before her adoption is finalized. They will need to prioritize Rosa’s safety and be comfortable using tools like a prong collar. We have all been absolutely amazed at how much she has turned around in one short month. All this amazing girl needs is love, attention, and determination from her handlers to give her beautiful soul a chance to blossom. This girl has wiggled her way into all of our hearts, and we know her perfect family is out there waiting for her! We would be happy to answer questions about our amazing Rosa at 


Bart-A Star For Your Family

Football season is here again! Some might say it’s the best time of year, and Bart wouldn’t disagree! Of course, since he’s a puppy, he thinks every time of year is the best time of year as long as he gets to spend it with you!

Bart’s story starts with being sold on the side of the road in Texas with his brothers, Aaron and Brett. These lucky boys were picked up by a good Samaritan and found their way to us! Bart was briefly adopted, but returned to us after his family realized they didn’t have the time to devote to a puppy. At around 4 months old, Bart is certainly still all puppy, but he’s doing great at learning his big boy skills! He loves to play with other dogs, run free, and chase balls to burn off his energy. He’s doing an excellent job of letting his family know when he needs to go potty, and can even be left on his own for short periods of time. Like most puppies, he needs redirection to help with his tendency to nip, but is easily corrected. Bart is a small pup around 7 pounds and would do well in most any family that has the time to dedicate to training, exercising, and loving him! Apply here to meet this awesome star: