Pending Adoption!

Nellie- True Midwestern Girl

Nellie joined our rescue earlier this month as a local owner surrender. Her family reached out to us for help as they were no longer able to provide the love and care that Nellie needed. Nellie is a sweet, playful, and energetic girl. She has mastered her kennel training in the short time she has been with us and is currently working on basic commands. Her foster is utilizing a clicker to help train her and Nellie is confident with her “sit,” and her polite greeting. Nellie gets along well with most other dogs and can coexist with cats. She is a smart girl who is eager to please. Like many hound dogs, Nellie can be vocal. But it is just one more thing that makes us love her- her love of conversation adds to her hound dog personality and will keep intruders far from your house. If you are looking for a lifelong companion, a cuddle partner, and a Packer game watching girl, Nellie might be the fit for you. This true midwestern girl enjoys walks outside in the Autumn weather, but will happily relax on the couch for kickoff. For more information on adding her to your family, please email adoptions@lucky7dogrescue.com or fill out an application at www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow


Truman- Learning the Ropes of Family Life

Hi! I’m Truman! I recently arrived from Houston, Texas and have found this new state rather interesting. I’m not sure how i feel about cold weather and freezing sidewalks, but I am happy to have lots of blankets and a warm bed. One thing I know for sure is that I am ready for my forever home. I am 3 years old and have been looking for that perfect family everyone keeps talking about for quite some time. My foster here has been pretty patient getting to know me. They understand that although I like human attention, i don’t need it to be happy. I am more than happy being your silent friend and will gladly sleep in my kennel at night. With time, I might surprise you with how sweet I can be, but when we are first getting to know each other, lets not rush it. I have taken a chance to snuggle into my foster’s lap and spend time with their other dogs, I have moments where I’m not quite sure what to think- one minute I am loving the compassion and the attention, but the next I find myself being a little confused by all this love. I think I might like it. I know I want a family. But I guess I am just being picky in making sure I find a family worth enough to spend the rest of my days with me, Truman. If you’re interested in learning more about me, I would love to tell you my life story. Email adoptions@lucky7dogrescue.com and they will give you the run down on how to schedule a meet with me.


Pending Adoption!

Rosa- 10 Month Old Plott Hound Mix

Ms. Rosa travelled to Wisconsin after being surrendered in Houston, Texas. This sweet girl is snuggly, sweet, and oh so soft. She has been shy and timid after arriving, however, she continues to warm up more and more every day and show her true colors. In Texas, this sweet girl was fostered with other dogs and absolutely adored them, but in her current foster home she is preferring to be the only dog. We are not sure what kind of home would be best for her, but one with love and patience would be the key to seeing her real personality. Rosa is looking for a family who understands dogs and the important of being patient with them as they settle into life. If you are interested in helping Rosa find herself, please reach out to our adoptions team at adoptions@lucky7dogrescue.com


Pending Adoption!

Tucker- 3 month old mix breed

I’m Tucker and January 18th was my 3-month birthday! I was told dogs get to celebrate more often because we grow up faster, and I’ll take any excuse for a party. Three months in dog years means I’m almost two in people years, I think… but I’m not very good at math yet. Since I’m growing up so fast, I think it would be great to have a family to spend my puppyhood with as soon as possible! Even though I can be a little timid at first, at heart I’m just a goofy dude who loves toys and playing with other puppies. As I mentioned, I’m still just a baby so with the help of my foster family I’m learning that furniture is not for chewing and potty goes outside. I’m a well-rounded and happy boy, so with a little bit of help from my loving family I will have no problem learning! When we start to get along real well, you might even see me do my one-of-a-kind happy dance! If you’re interested in adding a handsome pup like me to your life, you can submit an application at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ !


Pending Adoption!

Thea- 3 month old hound mix

My name is Thea and I’m smart as can be! I’m only 3 months old (and only 8 pounds!), but I’m learning about kennels and potty training like a champ! I have a little more trouble with leashes, I just don’t want my energy to be contained! But since my foster family insists, I’m working on it. I love playing with doggy friends, but don’t worry, I won’t get too pushy if they’re not as excited as me. I learned “sit” right away and I’ll have no trouble learning all kinds of tricks to impress your family and friends. I already know that being a good girl means sitting, and I’ll try to do that first if you have something I want. Like everyone, I can be a little unsure in new situations, but my curiosity always wins me over and I give in to exploring and following my nose. I would love a warm lap to snuggle up in after a long day of learning and playing. If you could be that lap, send in an application at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ !


Daisy Mae- Heart of Gold

Daisy Mae is a sweet, middle-aged lady at 6 years old. In her past, she was found as a street dog, so she knows life can be rough. When she came into our partner rescue in the south, she was diagnosed with a double cherry eye condition. This is a common condition in which the dog’s third eyelid slips out when it’s not supposed to. She had been living with it for a while, but thankfully, she was able to receive surgery to correct this before making her trip up north and is now feeling much better! Still, her foster family thinks she has some trouble seeing. She may need to have a light on at night in order to get around, and will take a little extra time to figure out her surroundings. Even though Ms. Daisy is a chihuahua mix weighing in at about 20 lbs, she is a total bed hog and loves to sleep as close to her people as possible. She is a very tolerant lady and does well with adults and other dogs, and is expected to do well with children. If she sounds like your kind of girl, fill out an application at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ .


Skye- 3 month old hound mix

Skye was one of the up and coming puppy stars who made her debut at the January session of puppy yoga. This 3-month-old, 11-pound girl certainly made an impression with her bright pink sweater and snuggly personality! Not only does she have potential as a fashion mogul, she is growing up to be a well-mannered and social young lady. Skye does great with kids and other dogs, and is doing well with crate training. She’s still learning that chew toys are the best thing to chew, but can you blame a fashion-minded girl for wanting a cute shoe instead? She’s also getting a handle on potty training and goes outside if you take her out regularly. Skye is a very smart girl. She knows her name and is learning basic commands like “off” and “sit.” She likes walks and loves time spent playing with her older foster sister! To add this future star to your family, submit an application at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ !

Pending Adoption!

Aladdin- Local Boy Looking for a Home

Hi everyone! My name is Aladdin and I’m an 8-year young chihuahua. I’ve been told I’m one of the more uncommon dogs at Lucky 7 because I didn’t come from Texas. My favorite person passed away and even though their family tried to take care of me, it wasn’t the same. So, I’m here to find someone who really loves my company again! It’s not hard to love me, because I love pretty much everyone! Big people and kids are awesome, and I’m great friends with the other chihuahua and big lab mix that I live with now. Since I’m a little older, my teeth aren’t so good anymore. My foster mom feeds me small pieces of soft food and I do okay with that. I know potty manners, but I don’t really care to go out for walks. I’d rather follow you around and be picked up whenever possible. A great family for me would be home a lot, or would go places where I can go too. If you’d like to be my snuggle buddy for the rest of my days, send in an application at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ !


Jaxon- High energy, Sweet Snuggler

Jaxon is a fun-loving pup with loads of energy. He loves to cuddle and sleeps through the night soundly after he burns off some energy. He is crate trained and goes right to sleep when crated   He loves toys— any kind, and he does not need a friend to entertain him. He can be very vocal and scary sounding sometimes when playing, he is totally into it. He is a huge attention hog! He likes to snuggle and watches tv with you! He does need some work on leash manners, as he still is a puppy, but is getting the hang of it quickly. He would love a friend with a similar energy level, or would be a great single dog, getting all the attention from his new home! He is totally potty-trained, but expect an adjustment. He loves car rides and LOVES to ride shotgun! He does teeth a bit yet and doesn’t know how big he is, so he needs some lessons on manners. Because of this, we recommend kids 10+ for his home. He would make a great addition to anyone’s home, just in time for the holidays!


Lenny- Lovable Block Head Baby

This sweet two-year-old, Boxer mix boy is Lenny. He came to Lucky 7 from Texas in November of last year. Sometimes in rescue, even when a dog is placed into a loving family, it isn't the best fit. We try our hardest to arrange ideal matches, but no one's perfect. Lenny is one of these cases who returned to foster in January for a second chance. He is a very cuddly boy who loves to take naps and spend time with his family. He has a LOT of energy which he needs to get out through long walks or play sessions. While he loves to play with other dogs of his size at the dog park, he needs a home that isn't shared with other doggie friends. Lenny is doing his best to learn basic commands, but would benefit from a family that has the time and drive to work on his training. Due to his energetic nature, Lenny would also do best in a home with older kids. If you’re looking to add a lively young pup to your family, send in an application for Lenny at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ !


Skylar- Baby Bulldog

My name is Skye, but you can call me Skye the Cutie Pie! I'm still just a little girl at about 3 months old, but my foster momma says I'm going to grow up to be a great family dog! I learned sit in record time and I've almost mastered lie down. Potty training and crate training are going great too. Boy, there's a lot to learn as a puppy! In between my good dog lessons, I love to snuggle up as close as can be to my people. I do have bursts of puppy energy, but I'm mostly a couch warmer. I enjoy spending time with other dogs and my two human foster sisters, but my foster mom tells me I pay a little too much attention to the cat. I'd love a family to cuddle up with on these cold Wisconsin nights! If you could use a cuddle buddy too, send in an application at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ !


Thunder- Lovable Senior Gentlemen

Meet Thunder! He recently joined rescue as a local owner surrender due to no fault of his own and with great sadness from his former family. He came to Lucky 7 as the second member of the Betty White Senior Dog Sanctuary to find his perfect retirement home!

Thunder is just an incredibly sweet, gentle soul.  He’s pretty quiet and only occasionally barks if he sees something especially enticing out the window.  Thunder is allowed to roam freely in his foster home 24/7. He tolerated a kennel the first day but it quickly became clear there was no need. His chill personality gets along with children and other dogs. Thunder naturally loves to be outside. He does well on a leash and is a great walking buddy. Sometimes he just sits on the front porch watching the world go by. Thunder is very smart, too. He figured out the new routine in his foster home super fast and fit right in. Thunder is not a cuddle bug, but he loves human company and is always happy to see you.  After a pet or two he’ll happily settle in at your feet while you cook or work or whatever. But if you leave the room, he’ll be following! As a naturally thin older gentleman at nearly 12 years old, Thunder appreciates a soft place to lie down. And while he tolerates kids just fine, his energy isn’t up to being a full-on playmate for exuberant younger kiddos. His human foster brothers like to read him bedtime stories. He deserves a family that will give him lots of love, fresh air, and a cozy place to relax for the rest of his days. If you think your family is the perfect fit, submit an application at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ .