Lenny- Lovable Block Head Baby

This sweet two-year-old, Boxer mix boy is Lenny. He came to Lucky 7 from Texas in November of last year. Sometimes in rescue, even when a dog is placed into a loving family, it isn't the best fit. We try our hardest to arrange ideal matches, but no one's perfect. Lenny is one of these cases who returned to foster in January for a second chance. He is a very cuddly boy who loves to take naps and spend time with his family. He has a LOT of energy which he needs to get out through long walks or play sessions. Lenny is doing his best to learn basic commands, but would benefit from a family that has the time and drive to work on his training. Due to his energetic nature, Lenny would also do best in a home with older kids.

***Lenny must be in an only dog home.

If you’re looking to add a lively young pup to your family, send in an application for Lenny at https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/ !


Jaxon - Adorable Adoptable

Jaxon is a fun-loving pup with loads of energy. He loves to cuddle and sleeps through the night soundly after he burns off some energy. He is crate trained and goes right to sleep when crated   He loves toys— any kind, and he does not need a friend to entertain him. He can be very vocal and scary sounding sometimes when playing, he is totally into it. He is a huge attention hog! He likes to snuggle and watches tv with you! He does need some work on leash manners, as he still is a puppy, but is getting the hang of it quickly. He would love a friend with a similar energy level, or would be a great single dog, getting all the attention from his new home! He is totally potty-trained, but expect an adjustment. He loves car rides and LOVES to ride shotgun! He does teeth a bit yet and doesn’t know how big he is, so he needs some lessons on manners. Because of this, we recommend kids 10+ for his home. He would make a great addition to anyone’s home, just in time for the holidays!


Poppi- Senior Sweetheart

Poppi is a beautiful senior cocker spaniel mix. She was in very bad shape when she arrived at rescue in Texas and spent four months in a foster home in the south getting well before she traveled to Wisconsin to find her forever family. Poppi is 12 years old, roughly 55 pounds, and needs a special retirement home. Picture what an 80-year-old woman would want, and that’s what Poppi would want: to spend her days snoozing in a cozy bed and enjoying the company of her family in a calm and relaxing environment. If her home were to have children, they would need to be mature and respectful of her needs. She is scared of yelling and new people, but even when scared she is never aggressive. As an older gal, she does not enjoy other animals that will be hyper or in her face, but she doesn’t mind other dogs that give her space. Though she is indifferent to animals, she loves people and wants to be around her humans whenever possible. She has trouble getting around on slippery surfaces and cannot do stairs, so her ideal home would be primarily carpeted and one-level only. She’ll let you know when she needs to go out and does best on a consistent feeding and potty schedule. She does take some medication daily, but she takes it very well, and she may also need medicated baths. Even though she has a few extra needs, Poppi has a lifetime of built up love to give her new family! If you would like to welcome this sweet senior into your life, submit an application at: https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/


Max- Senior Dachshund

Meet Max -  a 10 year old dachshund and proud member of Lucky 7’s Betty White Senior Sanctuary.

His foster family calls him Dobby, like the house elf in Harry Potter. You can see why, right?!? Being a Texas dog, he is not a fan of snow! But, at this point in March, is anyone really a fan of the snow? AND, he is a low rider, so many inches of snow on that belly equals brrrr. Max is potty trained, but he is having a struggle adjusting to doing his business outside in the cold. With time, he will get it down. He’s a spunky little guy, he gets the zoomies almost daily & likes to jump up on the couch. Although, he is 10, so those zoomies are short lived and then he loves to give kisses & likes to snuggle on your lap. Max could be the only dog in the house or with the right pal, he would like to share a home. The resident cats haven’t decided if they want to be near him. Max is also kid friendly.  Max’s favorite Wisconsin activity? He likes to burrow under blankets to take a snooze. If you would like to give this super senior some warm blankets and a lap to nap on, please fill out an application https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/



Oakie- Affectionate Snuggle Bug

Hello, my name is Oakie…which accurately reflects how I now see the world, everything is okie dokie!! I had a bit of a rough start as I am believed to have been the runt of my litter and new places at first are a bit scary for me.  With some TLC, I quickly adapt - then I am a very happy little guy with a good amount of energy.
My foster people have given me the chance to experience a lot of different things, so I am good with people, kids, and other animals. I especially love other dogs, both of my foster siblings are way bigger than me!  While you may think I am small, I absolutely know size doesn’t matter when it comes to playing, don’t tell the bigger dogs that I am much more quick and agile than they are!
Of course, once I get my energy out, I am ready for some serious snuggling, preferably in a blanket as I am only 6 pound chihuahua mix and my fur is very fine…I get chilly quickly!  

I do okay in my kennel, it’s not my favorite place to be, but I hang out there if you need me to. I am working hard on my potty training too, I’m not 100%, but remember, I am only 4 months old. I need to be taken out often.
My ideal fur-ever home would be need to be patient, but I will warm up to them quickly.  I would love a family to share my energy and snuggles with. Ideally another furry friend would be great for me to play with, but I can be okay if the peoples will spend time with me.

If you think you can handle all 6 pounds of the Oak, please fill out an application https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/


Minnie- Micro Boxer

Hello my name is Minnie. I don’t have a mini personality though. I am a 1 year old boxer mix that loves to play with toys. If people are playing with toys with me even better…..I love people. Right now I am living with two sweet young girls, sometimes I forget that I am bigger than they are so I jump on them. My foster people are reminding me not to get too excited and to have all four paws on the floor. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kids, I just forget. I really like following my people around and enjoy sleeping next to them. So, I’m kind of noisy….yeah, I bark when someone is outside making noise and I bark when I play. Because I am only 1 and I so desperately want to please my people, I will be pretty easy to train. I really just need a family and a routine. Please take me for a walk and to the dog park! I love other dogs and just want to play. If you think you can take on my big personality and teach me manners, please fill out an application https://www.lucky7dogrescue.com/applynow/