Maddy Vasseau




In 2013, Maddy started volunteering at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society as a dog walker. She had grown up with dogs in her family and after moving to Oshkosh to study Kinesiology and Biology, she was homesick and missed her pets. It was at OAHS, that Maddy discovered a passion for Animal Welfare. She became more involved in the ins and outs of sheltering as the months passed and joined the shelter’s Mod Squad, a program for at risk pups with behavioral concerns. This Behavior Modification program put Maddy on a path to wanting to help animals in need of a little extra TLC. A year and a half after Maddy started volunteering at OAHS, she accepted a job offer at a neighboring shelter, the Neenah Animal Shelter. During her time there, Maddy discovered a litter of puppies at Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas that were at risk for euthanasia due to overcrowding. This sparked Maddy’s relationship with Lola’s Lucky Day, Lucky 7’s primary rescue partner. After learning more about overcrowding in the South, Maddy changed her college major to English and Human Services with an Emphasis in NonProfit Fundraising and Management and decided to focus on starting a nonprofit Dog Rescue that could serve as a resource for other organizations in need of assistance. Lucky 7 Dog Rescue was founded on October 19th, 2015 after an impulsive trip to Texas where Maddy, Sam and Elizabeth rescued the original “Lucky 7” and two more bonus pups. Lucky 7 became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization less than a year later on June 6th, 2016 and has quickly expanded from 1-5 volunteers to 176 volunteers, over 40 foster homes, and now, a brick and mortar outreach center. Maddy has worked as a volunteer for over a dozen animal welfare organizations, she has received over 200 hours of certified dog training hours, is euthanasia technician certified and has worked as a paid Animal Caregiver where she distributed vaccinations, assisted on surgeries, and performed animal intake check-ins for almost 4 years between the Neenah Animal Shelter and Oshkosh Area Humane Society. She is beyond grateful for her time as an employee and volunteer with the organizations that fueled her love for rescue and looks forward to continue growing Lucky 7 to give back to world of Animal Welfare.


Katie LeComte

Operations Supervisor

In April of 2016, Katie saw a post from Maddy, the President and Founder of Lucky 7 Dog Rescue, looking for a last minute volunteer to help with a rescue transport down to Lola’s Lucky Day to transport 31 dogs back to Wisconsin Rescue Partners. Katie’s love for adventure, confidence, and excitement pushed her to volunteer for that trip and it was there that her already prominent love for animals grew. On Katie’s first rescue trip, she volunteered with Maddy and another volunteer, Audrey. The girls traveled down to Houston, where they stayed for four days and spent time at the Harris County Animal Shelter. Harris County intakes roughly 80 animals a day. When the girls pulled into the parking lot for their first day of volunteering, Katie witnessed a dog being abandoned at the shelter by their owner. The dog was terrified and had dug his feet deep into the ground of the parking lot, adamant he was not going inside the shelter. Katie instantly jumped at the chance to rescue this dog and once inside spent time getting to know him. The girls were able to take the dog with them and get him set up with a boarding facility where he would stay until he was vetted. Katie’s involvement in a rescue mission directly from Harris County opened up a love to work hard and efficiently under pressure. Katie changed her major to Human Services Leadership and began working with nonprofits, learning more on the background of management, organization, and hard work. Katie eventually went on to accept a job with the Oshkosh Area Humane Society as an Animal Caregiver where her and Maddy were able to work side by side, developing a bond and friendship and expanding Lucky 7’s protocols and policies. As an Operations Supervisor for Lucky 7 Dog Rescue, Katie will work directly with Maddy to oversee the organization’s management. She will assist with scheduling vet appointments, helping with intake, organization paperwork, and more. This role allows a team effort to help expand the growth of Lucky 7 Dog Rescue to be a suitable, volunteer friendly, asset to the Green Bay community and beyond. Since her start with Lucky 7, Katie has assisted with nearly 2 dozen transports, several of those being cross country trips in which she has efficiently transported animals in need from Lola’s Lucky Day to their awaiting placement in Wisconsin.



Kayla Murphy

Operations SUpervisor

In February of 2017, Kayla had reached out to Lucky 7 looking for ways to get involved with volunteering. She was currently taking photos and dog walking for Mit Liebe German Shepherd Rescue out of the Bay Area and had fallen in love with watching rescues grow and develop. Kayla, the proud owner of 2 beautiful Boxers, had grown up with dogs in her family her entire life and her family’s compassion for dogs from all backgrounds set her up for immediate success at Lucky 7. Kayla’s first volunteer opportunity was community outreach where her and Maddy, the President and Founder, of Lucky 7 Dog Rescue, embarked on an educational journey at Aldo Leopold Community School. Kayla helped educated a group of 1st and 2nd grade students on the importance of proper vet care, animal welfare, and pet ownership. Her bright, sunny, and infectious personality allowed for continued growth throughout her time with Lucky 7. She quickly began recruiting adopters, volunteers, and even foster homes. Kayla’s natural passion for community engagement allowed her to develop Lucky 7 on a path to growth. Less than 2 months after she started volunteering with Lucky 7, she became a foster home for a pup named Morgan who was struggling in an adoptive home. Kayla, her partner Steve, and her two Boxer’s Ace and Biggie took Morgan into her home as if she was one of their own and she became a quick part of their life. Kayla did endless research on puppies with behavioral problems and began asserting a change in Morgan’s life that reached Morgan’s true potential. Kayla and her family put continued effort into making sure Morgan had the best experience possible. They worked directly with a Morgan’s adopter to set her up for success in her new home and make sure everyone had a smooth transition. Kayla continues to go above and beyond as not only a foster home but now as an Operations Supervisor as well. As an Operations Supervisor for Lucky 7 Dog Rescue, Kayla will work directly with Maddy to oversee the organization’s management. She will assist with scheduling vet appointments, helping with intake, organization paperwork, and more. This role allows a team effort to help expand the growth of Lucky 7 Dog Rescue to be a suitable, volunteer friendly, asset to the Green Bay community and beyond.



Lindsey Szarzynski

Foster Supervisor

In September of 2017, Lindsey reached out for information on fostering and involvement in Lucky 7 Dog Rescue. Lindsey instantly brought a spark of excitement to Lucky 7. Her bright personality, kind heart, and creativity developed a wonderful relationship that flowed into her work as a foster mom. Lindsey has always been a dog lover, having three of her own pups (one a senior foster failure from Lucky 7, Norman). Lindsey has a passion for education and is continually looking for opportunities to spark her knowledge of fostering and Animal Welfare. Lindsey has fostered 7 dogs during her time with Lucky 7, has attended animal behavior seminars, and is an avid voice of confidence throughout the organization. Lindsey has a passion for older dogs and has allowed for Lucky 7 to expand their Senior Fostering program to intake dogs that are often forgotten elsewhere. She focuses on giving them an amazing experience in their foster home and works beautifully with adopters to ensure everyone has a delightful experience (dog and human alike) and that each individual finds a dog that is a proper fit for their home, schedule, and personality. Lindsey has recently developed her role with Lucky 7 Dog Rescue by taking on the responsibility of a Foster Supervisor. As a Foster Supervisor, Lindsey will be working directly with foster homes to ensure success and enjoyment for everyone involved. Lindsey will be coordinating pickups for volunteer foster homes, gathering supplies, answering questions, performing meet and greets with new dogs, assisting with volunteer and foster trainings and more. Everyone at Lucky 7 Dog Rescue is so excited for Lindsey to embark on this new role with our organization. Her instant passion for excitement and ability to learn new tasks quickly has served her well. She jumped into things immediately and is eager to get started learning more about the ins and outs of her new role.

Taylor L7 Headshot.jpg

Taylor Amburgey

Events Coordinator

In August of 2017, Taylor attended her first Lucky 7 fundraiser, Mutts and Merlot, and knew instantly that she wanted to get involved with animal rescue. Having always had a passion for animals, she jumped at the chance to volunteer. Taylor went above and beyond from day 1 to spread the mission of animal welfare throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. While attending the University of Wisconsin, Taylor assisted with transports, community outreach, and even fostered dogs while still pursuing her undergraduate studies. Following graduation, Taylor moved to Milwaukee for work but insisted on staying involved with Lucky 7. She currently works with other Milwaukee based volunteers and foster homes to offer assistance in a part of the state where we are still growing. Taylor continues to foster for Lucky 7, but has also offered her talents by helping out with Lucky Mutts- a Milwaukee based rescue organization. Additionally, Taylor has become one of the Lucky 7 Events Coordinators. In this role, Taylor will have the responsibility of organizing community events and promoting our rescue mission. Taylor’s compassion for animals and desire to create positive interactions allows her to go above and beyond in all she does. Taylor has even taken the time to design flyers and marketing tools for another Green Bay rescue- Hidden Paws Network. Taylor believes in teamwork and showcases the mission of Lucky 7 Dog Rescue well. By working with multiple organizations as a team player, she is able to show how important it is that we all work together because we have the same goal in mind- make the world a better place and save animals.

Her attention to detail, creativity, and knack for modern design allows her to organize effective and purposeful events that spread our mission. Taylor is a beneficial asset to our Lucky 7 family; we are so grateful for everything she has accomplished and everything ahead for her bright future.


Erin Orosco

Events Coordinator

In November of 2016, Erin expanded her already prevalent love of dogs when she began volunteering with Mit Liebe German Shepherd Rescue. She started as a dog walker, but knew her passion for dogs could go deeper and truly wanted to begin fostering. When her childhood friend, Kayla our Operations Supervisor, became involved with Lucky 7, she knew Erin and her husband Wes would make amazing an amazing addition to Lucky 7’s foster team. Erin and Wes jumped right in, fostering 4 puppies in two weeks. These pups were originally strays and joined Lucky 7 flea ridden and worm infested. But that didn’t scare Erin away. She jumped into action and worked hard rehabilitating the pups and getting them to vet appointments so they could find committed forever homes. For the last year, Erin has barely taken a break from fostering. In 16 months, Erin has fostered 24 dogs. She specializes in fearful dogs and helping them become adjusted to new environments and people. In addition to her work as a foster mom, Erin has helped with several events, outreach and community based activities. Her love for people and animals as served her wonderfully as a foster mom and volunteer as she has built relationships with recruiting new volunteers and developed connections through our Texas rescue partner, Lola’s Lucky Day as well. Her passion for creativity, excitement for new opportunities, and attention to detail will serve her well as she expands her already prevalent role with Lucky 7 as an Event Coordinator. As Event Coordinator, Erin will assist in organizing community events and promotions for the rescue. Erin’s passion for animals is obvious in all things she does. She benefits the rescue through a supportive role, committed focus, and continues to expand her knowledge by helping others become a valued part of our organization.


Megan Gibeault

Adoptions Supervisor

Megan joined Lucky 7 Dog Rescue as a volunteer and foster mom a year ago next month. In the short amount of time she has been apart of our organization, she has excelled in all things she has done. Whether it is fostering, assisting with transports, working with adopters, helping set up for an event, or even just being a shoulder of support for volunteers, she puts 100% of her effort forward to create the best experience possible. Megan’s love of dogs serves her well not just in fostering for Lucky 7, but also as a sitter for Rover.com. Megan’s experience handling dogs has led her family to work well with a variety of breeds and ages and find them their best possible match.  Megan and her husband, Matt, never go a moment without caring for animals other than their own and Megan is incredibly focused on learning the dog’s personality to set them up for success with their forever family. Her attention to detail, kind heart, and excitement for growth and learning makes her a beneficial member of Lucky 7’s team as not only a foster and volunteer but also as our brand new Adoptions Supervisor. In this new role, Megan will coordinate a team of 5 volunteers to work with new adopters to find them their forever friend. Megan will oversee our email correspondences, train new volunteers, assist with adoption sessions, and more. Her charisma with people, focus on success, and passion for animals will serve her phenomenally in this new role. Megan has continued to serve as an impressive member of Lucky 7’s rescue family and we all welcome her to this new role knowing that she will be incredibly successful.



**Photos courtesy of Audrey thomas photography**