In 2015, we jumped in a Jeep Patriot. We drove through the night. We fell in love with transport. And we started a rescue. Since that first trip, we have dreamed of obtaining our very own transport van. For the last three years, our partner Lola’s Lucky Day, has provided us with the resources to use their van and transport services to save dogs. By obtaining our own vehicle, our volunteers would be able to take some of the pressure off of Lola’s Lucky Day, transfer from other areas in need, and provide pet care services for people in our community. This vehicle would allow us to rescue an average of 20 additional dogs each month. We would also be able to use this vehicle to more efficiently transport dogs from our local Wisconsin rescues, save money in the long run, and provide supplies and limited vet care to families in need throughout the Green Bay Community. Consider becoming a Sponsor of Lucky 7’s Transport Van. For more information email

Pyrenees Sponsor: One Time Donation of $2,500

A Great Pyrenees is a protective and loyal breed. Our Pyrenees Sponsorship is proudly represented through protecting our transports and loyally making our dreams a reality. This highest level of sponsorship includes the following benefits:

-Company logo permanently displayed on our transport van- which will travel throughout the Wisconsin Bay Area and across the country.

-Company logo proudly displayed at our rescue location and on all Lucky 7 brochures and flyers.

-Continued shout out through transport posts on social media sites.

-Special thank you at annual Lucky 7 Celebration.

Terrier Sponsorship: One Time Donation of $1,000

Terrier’s are known as being the warrior’s of the canine species. Coming in varrying shapes, sizes, and colors this breed is recognized for their tenacious, stead fast, and courageous spirit. A Terrier Sponsorship is represented through making each transport possible. This level of sponsorship includes the following benefits:

-Yearly transport sponsorship. Including shout outs on social media and logo displayed on van for that transport.

-Advertised online and through social media posts regularly.

-Logo proudly displayed on Lucky 7 Banners and Brochures for annual events.

-Special thank you at annual Lucky 7 Celebration.

Retriever Sponsorship: One Time Donation of $250 or more

The Retriever Breed is known for fetching through all environments. A Retriever Sponsorship is recognized for their ability to rescue our dogs through all weather and all conditions. This level of sponsorship includes the following benefits:

-Signature on display through Lucky 7 branding as a designed sponsor.

-Shout outs through our blog and social media sites through featured stories of the dogs they help save.

-Gift from our Lucky 7 Family.

-Special thank you at annual Lucky 7 Celebration.

Lucky 7 welcomes all types of dogs and we welcome all types of sponsors. Every dog and every dollar makes this a possibility. Thank you so much for considering becoming a sponsor for the cause.