Partnering with Lucky 7 Dog Rescue

Are you in search of safe placement for a dog in need? Lucky 7 works to rehome animals from dozens of situations including local transfer, out of state transfer, as well as owner surrender. We were founded to be a resource to other organizations, our community, dogs, and people. We believe in the power of team work, positivity, and inclusion. It is because of the generosity of our primary partner, Lola’s Lucky Day, that we even exist. Through their guidance and hard work, we have learned what it means to rescue. If you are considering surrendering or transferring a dog to Lucky 7, please read the information below. 


Out of State Transfer program

80% of the dogs in Lucky 7's rescue program come in as out of state transfers. We have helped dogs from several states including Illinois, Kentucky, California, Alabama, and Texas! For out of state transfers, we require the dogs are up to date on distemper, bordetella, and rabies vaccinations. In addition, we ask that dogs be kept on a 2 week quarantine in their home state before being transferred to our program. Wisconsin state law also requires all dogs coming from out of state organizations have a current Health Certificate (valid for 30 days) and be heartworm negative. Because we are an entirely foster based organization, we must have a local foster home in order to take a dog into our program. Please email photos, personality information, and background on the dog you are looking to transfer to For out of state transfer, we only allow dogs from nonprofit rescue groups or shelters. We do not accept out of state owner surrenders or individual requests. 


Owner Surrender

Unfortunately, people sometimes find themselves in negative situations that cause them to have to surrender their pets. We are an organization that strives to provide resources to individuals when they find they are in this kind of a situation. Because we are an entirely foster based organization, we must have honest and accurate information on a dog's temperament so we can find the best possible fit for the dog to find their perfect forever family. If you are in need of surrendering resources, please fill out the form below. There is no guarantee we will be able to take your dog into our program, but we will do our best to find placement for them.