All breeds, all ages, all dogs welcome!

Our Story

We were founded on October 19th, 2015 after an impulsive, spontaneous rescue trip. When our founder and two of her friends decided to jump in the Jeep that started it all and drive across the country, they had no idea what the future would have in store, they had no idea that this was the start to an organization that believes in acceptance, education, hard work, teamwork, and trusting your gut. Our founder, Maddy Szymanski, was working at a Wisconsin shelter and was in the early years of her career in Animal Welfare. She happened to be on Facebook one day looking for a rescue group to take in a Rottweiler who was in need of placement at the shelter she had been working at. It was then that she came across a video of 7 adorable, sweet faced, and puppy dog eyed 8 week old mix breed pups. But as she watched the video over and over again, she quickly learned that these very puppies were scheduled for euthanasia just three days later. She was shocked. She couldn't understand why 7 innocent puppies could possibly at risk for euthanasia. Maddy started to research the shelter the puppies were at, Harris County Animal Shelter, and the conditions in the Houston area. She discovered that HCAS is one of the highest kill shelters in the country and that they are taking in dozens and dozens of animals everyday. Maddy decided then that she could do something to help them and started to reach out to shelters and rescues across the country to help, but unfortunately everyone she contacted was "full," which meant they didn't have space to take on anymore dogs. So, she decided she would help them directly and recruited two of her friends, Elizabeth and Sam, to help drive her stick shift car down to Texas. the next 48 hours were filled with wrong turns, a fender bender, and naturally... growth. Half way there, our incredible volunteers discovered that they needed a Houston rescue affiliate to place a "rescue hold" on the litter of puppies which would allow them to leave the shelter and cross state lines. After reaching out to over 50 Texas rescue organizations, they received one response, from Lola's Lucky Day, and a partnership was born. Lola's Lucky Day agreed to place the hold and after arriving in Houston, the girls realized how small the shelter was and the outlandish circumstances the incredible staff, volunteers, and animals were facing everyday. They couldn't leave with just the original Lucky 7 they had travelled to Texas for and added an additional two older pups to their trip as well. Larissa, the founder/president of Lola's Lucky Day, asked if they would be interested in doing more trips with them and a month later Maddy, Elizabeth, and a new volunteer, Emily, were back and travelled with the Lola's transport van to take over 30 dogs from Houston to their group in Wisconsin along with 2 other partner rescues that Lola's worked with. We are now taking in dogs nearly every single Sunday. In our first year, we rescued over 150 dogs (and two cats) and participated in over 2 dozen rescue trips.

The relationship that we have developed with Lola's Lucky Day is incredible and we are truly lucky to be apart of the family of rescue organizations that works with LLD. Lola's Lucky Day takes on dogs every single day and works to get them rehabilitated and socialized before traveling up to Wisconsin to be adopted through us. We were originally founded to take dogs from overcrowded shelters, complete their vetting here and then match them with pre-approved adopters based off of compatibility. But we have grown and our mission has now grown to providing placement not only for dogs who are "out of time," but also to assist the local Wisconsin public with owner surrenders in need of behavior modification, as well as being a haven for dogs of all ages, all sizes and all breeds. Yup, that means we happily accept ALL breeds: Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and everyone else. We also strive to provide our community with the necessary education and truth behind Breed Awareness and responsible pet ownership.  Essentially, what you need to know most about us, is that we are an organization that was founded for people and animals. In everything we do, there is always a focus to do what we feel is best for the living beings involved in our organization. 

Rescue the mistreated, save the injured, love the abandoned.

What We Do/ Who we are

  • Although we started as a transfer organization, we have since expanded to serve as a resource for anyone with animals in need.

  • We transfer in from local shelters who are in need of placement for long term residents or hard to place dogs. If you are looking for more information on transferring an animal to our organization, please click here.

  • We work to provide placement for these dogs through our foster programs as well as through our local shelter partners.

  • All of our dogs are in foster care where they receive their final vetting and temperament assessments before being matched with a pre- approved adopter. If you are looking to get involved with fostering, please click here.

  • We provide training classes and behavior modification for dogs in need that are harder to place due to their stress level in a shelter environment or who need a little TLC.

  • We have a pet food pantry for members of the community who are in need of supplies for their pets. If you are currently going through hard times and need supplies for your pets, please click here.

  • We promote animal welfare through hosting events and being apart of the community. Learn more about events here.

  • Our foster homes and volunteers visit nursing homes with our foster puppies to promote socialization in resident homes as well as with our dogs. If you are looking to have us visit your organization, please click here.

  • We frequent local Green Bay Area elementary schools to help educate the next generation on the importance of Animal Welfare.

  • We work with local owners who request our services to properly rehome their dog. If you are in need of additional information on surrendering a pet, please click here.

  • We offer low cost vaccination opportunities for members of the community who need services for their animals.

  • We offer a positive environment for people to volunteer and get involved in Animal Welfare. If you are looking to get involved, please click here.

  • We are entirely funded by donations. If you are looking to make a contribution, please click here.