Open for Business!

You heard us loud and clear! Lucky 7 Dog Rescue is now open for "business." Figurative business that is! 

Our volunteer run, foster based non profit dog rescue has fully embraced our new office space and we kicked things off with a Grand Opening event that took over last weekend! If you thought we took our dog loving mission seriously before, well, we hope after last weekend you're certain. 

15 days after we signed our lease, we planned a Casino Inspired Grand Opening on Friday, June 22nd. Raffle baskets, casino games, drinks donated by Hagemeister Park and deserts from Dart Insurance. We even hosted live music by Logan Thomas and our girl Audrey Thomas showed up with camera in hand to document the event. We were shook by the amount of people who came through the door at 7:00 p.m. sharp to welcome us to Green Bay's Broadway District. 

The idea of a physical location for our rescue has been a dream of ours for the last year. Prior to this location my generous mom and amazingly patient step dad "volunteered" their home as storage and transport location. Sometimes their yard embraced the damage of 12 dogs at once while fosters played and explored. My step sister's bedrooms were filled with dog beds, treats, crates, and more. My parent's home at become "rescue central." The truth is, we lacked major organization. We threw things in bedrooms and failed to keep track of where things were when we needed them. 

Now for me, someone who lives for organization, disorganization drives me absolutely insane. I feel the stress of a messy room. The chaos of randomness. I take it in, I put it on my back, and I can never let it go. 

We needed a space! And now, we have one. 

And we love it. Because of our welcoming community we moved in fast, with the help of volunteers and loved ones, and we took the talents of each of our tribe members and we succeeded! Our Grand Opening weekend was our largest fundraiser this far and we raised nearly $3,000! 

I know, you may be wondering, is this new space only going to be used for storage? Absolutely not! We plan on having "open hours" during the week where volunteers sign up for shifts and hang out with adoptable dogs so people can stop in, ask questions, and learn more about how they can get involved with Lucky 7 Dog Rescue. 

Now, these hours will vary from week to week as we plan on continuing our mission as a volunteer run organization. This means that we will not be hiring staff. Instead, our friends and family will be offering their time for free and hanging out with you to get you what you need! You can view our hours by following us on Facebook and checking in on Sunday nights for our hours for the following week. And you can ALWAYS join us during the Farmer's Market on Wednesday's from 3-8 p.m. 

We plan on adjusting and growing, as we do best, as we learn the process behind this exciting new step in our organization. We will be taking it all in over these next few weeks and discovering what works for this new space and what doesn't. 

A few events we already have planned are Fostering 101 on July 15th, Transport Sunday on July 22nd, Yoga with Puppies on July 27th, and Kitty Trims with Kara on July 29th! 

If you haven't already attended a Lucky 7 event, make sure to check out our Events Page in the "About Section" of the webpage for more information. We would love to have you stop in and tell us how you learned about Lucky 7!