The Proof is in the Puppies

You may have noticed our intake has been a little slow lately...

You may have also noticed that our rescue has grown, like crazy, over the last several weeks. "Business" is booming! Since January, we have added over 2 dozen new fosters to our organization and several new programs and policies. My heart is fluttering with excitement. 

But with growth, comes responsibility. Major responsibility. 

In order to preserve our organization and help us continue moving in the best direction, it is necessary for us to grow our structure. 

Good organizations have good organization! 

When I first started Lucky 7, I was 19. Each of the dogs that came into Lucky 7 were fostered by me and my amazing (-ly tolerant) roommates. It has been almost three years since that first rescue trip. In that time, we have gone from taking 10-15 dogs a month, to 10-15 dogs a week! In that time, we have gained incredible assets to our family of volunteers. And in that time we have grown so quickly that it is time to revise our protocols and polices. 

I am excited to say we have surpassed our goals from when we first started to where we wanted to be at this time. Our dreams are coming to fruition and we plan on pushing our limits even further to keep the growth... growing!

We're keeping our eyes on the prize! We're working harder than ever and that hard work includes more than dogs. It includes communication, fundraising, protocols, paperwork, policies. The list goes on and on. We started because of a love and passion for our canine companions, but lord is there so much more that goes into this than the dogs. I had no idea what would be needed to make this a success when I sat at a coffee table in a rental in Oshkosh on Cherry St. drafting our IRS intent papers over and over and over again. 

We're hoping for the best news to share with you soon, but in the meantime, enjoy a sneak peak of the excitement from our lady Audrey Thomas of Audrey Thomas Photography ( and stop back in a few weeks when we unveil the surprises up our sleeves. 



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