Hi friends... it's been awhile.

We last spoke on July 17th, almost a month after opening our rescue office at 237 N. Broadway. If you don’t follow us on social media, you may have been wondering what we have been up to for the last 5 months. And if that is the case, well we have good news for you.

We are back. Back to the blog for an update on the last several weeks, one amazing Summer, an even better Fall, and a wrap up to one of my favorite years yet.

This year has brought us change, growth, and so many opportunities to learn. We have learned what it looks like to lead a team, for the very first time, and what it means to change our protocols to support our mission in the best way possible. We have learned what it means to develop a community impact, a rescue office with open hours, and a consistent schedule- all while remaining volunteer run.

We have been blessed with growing our team to nearly 100 foster homes and over 300 volunteers and we have been humbled by the opportunity to initiate a 2019 year long calendar to better serve those volunteers and our faithful supporters. 3 years ago we didn’t have a website, we didn’t even have a Facebook page. Heck, we barely even had a name. I was just a college girl who loved dogs and people and desired to find a way that I could serve them both. All this time later, I have learned that it is so much harder than I ever could have imagined. Because to be honest, what is best for our people, isn’t always best for our dogs and at the end of the day we are here to give a safe place to those who can not speak for themselves. Our mission in serving animals through serving people means that sometimes- we have to speak up and speak out. Our job is to learn, to learn, and to keep learning. Then, we must focus on educating our people and our community in the best way we can. Although it may be impossible to please all people at once, because what one person thinks is best another will think is silly, what we can do is stay positive through all journeys, be honest, and be open all while doing our best to encourage unity and teamwork through dark days. And as we develop our team and continue to grow towards becoming the rescue we strive to be, some things won’t come with us. All we can do is stay positive and remember that each season if this journey is just that, a journey.

Lets be honest, that positivity is what we are best at. We don’t post the bad photos- we don’t even take them. The simple truth of life is that we will face obstacles- but that is what makes this all so beautiful.

3 years ago, I was sitting in a dorm room preparing for science based finals. I had yet to change my major and yet to head down the path to starting a rescue. I never dreamed that we could come so far, but in that time I have learned that the future is a beautiful possibility- filled with endless potential. As we wrap up the year, I feel humbled by all we have accomplished and all we are yet to succeed. I feel confidence in our team as we prepare for 2019 and their hard work, passion, and support are endless gifts that truly makes these dreams a reality. The diligence that our adoptions team, Leanne and Taylor, have shown over the last three weeks in their new roles has pushed us forward to reach new heights with a momentum I never imagined possible. Our intern and acting Operations Supervisor, Katie has set goals and created plans that I know she will succeed without question, as she has already started ticking boxes on her check list. Our leading ladies Mandie and Marcy have allowed us to succeed during a season of open hours and have gone above and beyond to ensure our community is cared for in a way that one person cannot do alone. Earlier this month, we opened more positions to bring more voices and more representation to our team and in one month since our change- I have been reminded how amazing our team is and that together we can do anything. We have received over 25 applications for people interested in applying to be apart of our leadership team. Now remember, these are UNPAID positions. These people will put about 20 hours a week into working towards the rescue, simply because of the goodness that is inside them. Not for money, not for praise, but for their love of our community, of people, and of course, of dogs.

I am in awe. I am blown away. Simply, there is no other way to put it. As we end the year, I have more confidence and faith in what we can do because of each volunteer who brings a smile to their face and encourages each other through each and every day. Through it all, we are a team, we are one, we are the Lucky 7 Family.

Taylor L7 Headshot.jpg