Sweet Tooth

I think I'm in love. And as she lays her head in my lap and quickly dozes off, I know I am. She is outstretched over my legs as I respond to emails and start entering new intake information into our records. It's Sunday. Transport day. I run my fingers over her fur and she stretches out over me, yawning as she drifts back to sleep. 

As a foster, you fall in love with every new dog. But some, more than others. Cookie, my latest foster, is a 12 y/o cocker spaniel. And she has my heart. When new fosters arrive, the first few days are often spent taking our time, getting to know one another, introducing new routines, and potentially new animals. This was the plan I had for Cookie, but in a matter of hours, Cookie has introduced herself into our home and simultaneously, our hearts. New dogs, new people, strangers coming into the home, she's faced them all, unphased and with a tail wagging in turbo speed. Right now, she is exhausted and I don't attempt to wake her from her well deserved snooze as she naps away, curled up in my lap. I just adjust my computer and keep working. Over the last 24 hours, she has left her previous foster, travelled across the country by van, and been moved into a new home, our home, where we will continue to tackle cancer treatment and pain modification. I think she deserves to sleep. I must say, I'm pretty comfortable myself. 

My ideal Sunday evening is spent reflecting, lounged out on the couch with a Packer game on, the windows open, and if I have it my way, a dog in my lap. Today, I'm getting everything I could have asked for. It's 72 degrees out, the Packer's are up by 4, and this morning, we welcomed two well deserving and incredibly charming dogs into rescue. Cookie's travel buddy, Princessa, is likely enjoying her own nap in her foster home just over the bridge. Within an hour of arriving, Princessa's foster mom Judy sent me a text clearly stating she's having the same feelings right now that I am. It's so hard not to fall in love. Especially with someone so sweet. 

The week leading up to Sunday can be hectic, okay, if we're being honest, it is hectic. But on a Sunday night, when the efforts have paid off, the dogs have arrived, and the week has ended, I take a moment to reflect on our work from the week and be grateful for all our rescue family is accomplishing. Cookie is making it easy today to focus on the little things, as big accomplishments, and as I maneuver through my work for the night she turns and licks the side of my face, adjusting her position, and resting her paw on my hand. If she could talk, I swear she'd tell me to relax. And so, until Monday, indulge your sweet tooth, and enjoy a moment with Cookie. 


Cookie Lounging
Cookie Napping
Cookie Helping