Betty's Story...


The Betty White Senior Sanctuary!

Our first introduction of 2019!

If you've been following our journey since the beginning, you might recognize this sweet face as Betty White, Lucky 7's very first Senior pup. 

Betty started her journey to us after being surrendered by her owner for old age, she then lived in a sanctuary, before being rescued by our faithful friends, Lola's Lucky Day

When Betty traveled to us, we shared her story with the incredible organization Susie's Senior Dogs and her post created more interest than we ever could have been prepared for. We received dozens of applications and over 60 inquiries. We worked our way through those applications searching for the perfect family, and fate led us in the exact direction we were meant to head.

Betty had found her family. 

After only 3 days in foster care, Betty's story had sparked a fire in our rescue to help senior dogs. We were able to create a waitlist for adopters who just wanted to add seniors to their families and since she joined us in May of 2017, we have been able to help dozens of other dogs just like her travel from Texas and find their homes to live out their days. 

Exactly one year after joining her forever mom, Sarah, it was discovered Betty had a tumor and had limited time. Sarah set out to help Betty live her best life for however long she had left. She created a bucket list and checked the boxes over the next four months. When Betty passed in September, Sarah vowed to continue making a difference in the lives of senior dogs and later that fall, she joined us as a foster home. 

Today, we are introducing the Betty White Senior Sanctuary- an entity of Lucky 7 that will focus on helping senior dogs find their happily ever after no matter how much time they have. Providing foster hospice, educational tools for senior pups, and keeping adoption prices affordable for adopters who want to help senior dogs fulfill their own bucket list. 

Today, on the first day of the New Year, Sarah joins our team as the Director of the Betty White Senior Sanctuary! She will be working to grow this program and keep Betty's spirit alive. With her passion for Lola's Lucky Day, Lucky 7, and animal rescues across the country, she embodies our mission for a united world of Animal Welfare. 

We are still in the building phases of this program, but we couldn’t wait to share it with all of you who were touched by Betty White and her journey. Her story represents exactly what happens when people focus on animals and organizations work together. She may no longer be physically with us, but her spirit will always live on in the way her forever family continues to care for animals and others.

We couldn’t imagine a more special person to head this program and are looking forward to supporting Sarah in this way! Betty White Senior Sanctuary will be a direct entity of Lucky 7 and our team will work together to promote this special program in a unique way.

Sarah, always remember that your Lucky 7 family loves you and knows you can do anything! Your big heart, your contagious personality, and your zest for community, people, and life, will carry you far!

Bring on the New Year!